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Hey guys.. Probably a bit of a random thing to come on here for and some of you might not mind that much but I’m gonna be taking a break from Tumblr (I write the imagines and some preferences) because my heart just isn’t in this blog or Magcon anymore and it’s not fair for me to not be writing your lovely requests for ages, and I’ve been really busy too.. So bye for the time being, I might be back sometime, who knows?:-)

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Anonymous asked:

The one were the boys walk in on a heated moment. Can it be magcon pref

Uhh, there’s like 12 of them and I’ve already been requested a magcon pref so I’ll do this one for 5SOS okay? X

gigglyashy asked:

Can I have a luke imagine please Im obessed with this plot nowadays! Im Lu and the plot might be: he acts all douchey towards you and you cant take it anymore , you start screaming at him and he stops you with a kiss and talks about his true feelings ?


Luke Hemmings imagine!

I didn’t even have to look to know who had just barged past me, making me smack into the lockers in the corridor.
Luke. Luke Hemmings.
‘It’s your ass, Lu, gets in the way of everything.’ Luke called in a mocking voice over his shoulder before strolling into the boys bathroom.
Gritting my teeth, I lost it. I was getting real sick of Luke acting like a complete and utter douche to me for as long as I’d known him (it didn’t help that we were neighbours, either). I slammed my locker door shut and stormed after him, not caring about the fact that I was walking straight into boy territory. Luke jumped out of his skin when I came into the bathroom, the door hitting the wall with a loud bang and clanging shut behind me afterwards. He looked as if he’d been in the process of unzipping his skinny jeans, but I’d obviously interrupted that with my entrance.
‘Uh, am I in the wrong place?’ Luke said uncertainly, glancing around the bathroom.
I ignored him and how I wanted to laugh at the goofy, confused look on his way, marching up to stand in front of his intimidating height.
‘What the hell is your problem?’ I demanded, scowling up at him.
‘Excuse me?’.
‘Why do you have to be such a dick to me? What the HELL is your problem with me? I don’t-‘.
I was abruptly cut off by a pair of lips landing on my own, and I was surprised by how soft and gentle they were. It came as more of a surprise that I didn’t actually mind Luke kissing me.
I kissed him back, letting him slide one hand through my hair and to my neck and the other smoothing down my back, making it curve at his touch. Reaching up, I tied my arms round his neck and played with the hair at the nape of his neck, hearing his breath catch in his throat as he did so.
‘Wow.’ He murmured with a little chuckle when we’d broken the kiss.
‘I know.’ I muttered more to myself, slightly out of breath.
‘My problem with you is that I like you.’ Luke said slowly, the hand that had been resting at the back of my neck reaching up to scratch his collarbone, a nervous habit I’d noticed of his before, as well as playing with his lip ring. ‘Would you…would you wanna go on a date with me?’.
‘Sure.’ I said after a couple of seconds, and both of us grinned at each other. ‘Just make sure you do your zip up first.’
Luke laughed, tugging me in so that there was no space between our bodies, leaning his head down to my ear. ‘I will. Also, I actually like your bum.’ He murmured, making me shiver, before kissing me again, and this time both of us were grinning into the kiss.


Anonymous asked:

Ship please?💕 I'm 5"4 with long brownish ombré curly hair, I have light brown eyes and freckles. I love to sing and play sports, I think I'm funny😂 I can be really weird (good weird tho) and I get really hyper. I'm really spontaneous and up for anything! xx

Magcon: Jack G!
5SOS: Calum!
( wasn’t sure who you wanted ) Xxxx

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